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A story about a famous gunfight inside the Pioneer Saloon.

On July 3rd 1915, at the Pioneer Saloon during a poker game, a man named Paul Coski was caugh cheating and during a scuffle between him and another man named Joe Armstrong, Mr. Coski was shot several times and killed. The bullet holes are still in one of the pressed tin walls of the Pioneer Saloon. The full story typed out by W. H. Harkins is found hanging on the wall above the bullet holes. Mr. Harkins was a coroner working at the Justice Of The Peace office in Las Vegas and the story on the wall was actually the telegram sent over to Paul Coski's brother Davis Coski. Below you can see the story as told by former long time familly owner of the Pioneer Saloon Don Hendrix.

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This is just one of many of the stories that can be heard at the Pioneer Saloon. A copy of the coroners report is avalable in the online store or at the Goodsprings General Store located next to the Pioneer Saloon.

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